Help Me Reduce HTTP Requests

I will perform an analysis of your website pages and determine which assets (CSS and JavaScript files) could be unloaded on those particular pages. Then, once the extra files are prevented from loading, I will generate a report showing you the speed difference (before and after).

For instance, you might use a theme/plugin that loads 20 assets on a page, but you will need only 8 of them. Preventing the load of the unneeded 12 files, would considerably improve the page load and affect user experience as no one likes to wait, especially if you’re using render-blocking JavaScript.

Moreover, if you combine and minify the remaining 8 CSS & JS into fewer files (through a cache plugin for instance), that would decrease the number of requests even more.

As a basic example, let’s take “Contact Form 7” plugin. It loads 2 assets (1 CSS and 1 JavaScript) site-wide, but most of the website owners only need it on the “Contact us” page.

This service is useful in some of these situations:

  • You want to reduce the number of HTTP requests on your pages, but you’re not sure which elements to unload
  • You’re not comfortable editing any PHP code yourself or use a plugin to help you with this task (such as WP Asset CleanUp), worrying that something could go wrong and mess up the styling or other important functionality

Note that this is not a combine and minify files task to reduce the number of HTTP requests and have smaller sized files. Instead, I will help you out prevent the useless loads which add up to the loading speed of your pages. Later on, CSS and JavaScript minification/concatenation can be done with a plugin such as WP Rocket.

Gabe had a clear understanding of the project, executed quickly and efficiently, and communicated clearly and often. He was easy to work with and knows what he's doing. I recommend him highly.

Dave Messina ... Codeable Client
$39 – $99
One off service, this is NOT a subscription, nor a product

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